All natural soap is delicious, but not edible

Product Use and Handling


All of our soaps are handmade in small batches. This uniqueness creates design, texture and color variations that are part of our soap's hand-crafted character and appeal. Our soap is perfect with it's imperfections.

Due to the freshy-fresh nature of our soaps, use them... really use them... as soon as you get home... for the ultimate bathing experience. Moisturize and feed your skin and enjoy the rich and creamy lather. Our soap is far more than just a pretty bar.

For storage, please keep in a cool dark place. We wrap our soaps in paper bags for easy storage in the refrigerator. This will ensure that the essential oils stay in the soap instead of evaporating over time. Use a draining soap dish to extend the life of your soap. Soaptopia offers a variety of wooden soap dishes

for this purpose!

Just don't eat them, though it is very tempting. enJOY!

Salt Scrubs

Our salt scrubs should be stored at room temperature and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. They can remain in the shower or bath and have a shelf life of about 4 months. We have two products, 1) the Good Rub, which has honey and a smoother salt mixture and 2) the Purifying Salt Scrub, which has a larger salt base making it more exfoliating and especially good for the rough spots.

To use the salt scrubs we recommend that once you have finished cleansing with soap you rinse off and apply a small handful of a mixture of the salt and oils and massage it to the arms, chest, shoulders, and other desired areas, rubbing in a circular motion to feel the exfoliating effects of the scrub. By rubbing the salt scrub into the skin, the skin is smoothed and oils are released into the pores which help moisturize the skin and leave a refreshing scent. After a minute or so, rinse off
the loose material and dry off. The final result is a smooth, soft and sensational feeling that lasts throughout the day or night.

You are now one delicious delight. enJOY!

Oil Slathers

Like all of our products, the Oil Slathers should never be exposed to direct sunlight or stored in hot temperatures like the trunk of a car or on a window sill.

Oil slathers can be used in both the bath and shower. Keep the oil slather in your shower. When you are done showering and still wet, pump a few pumps of the oil into your hand and massage into the skin all over the body (arms, chest, shoulders, legs, mid-section). Let the oils soak into the body, wait about a minute or two and just towel off. In the bath, just pump a few times into the bath water or rub directly into the skin. Finally, the oils can be used after the bath or shower, just rub into the skin and let the good sink in. The oils will penetrate and smooth the skin easily as the pores are open from cleansing. And the scent is long lasting on the body.

Now you are one yummy body for yourself and others to enJOY!

Salt Soaks

Pour 1/3 to an entire bag of salt soak into your bath under running water to ensure all the salts and oils dissolve quickly.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of the dead sea salts and essential oils.

Voila, you smell terrific and feel like a million bucks! enJOY!

50/50 Body Balms

Indulge in the pleasure of this rich and decadent creme and oil body balm. Great to use after you have cleansed, out of the tub or shower. Just rub all over the body to enrich your skin with the ultra moisturizing benefit of the best nature has to offer.

Now this is the BOMB girls! and even for you metro boys too. enJOY! 

Shea Massage Inlightin© Candles

Our new candles have dual use: 1) sensual—light the candles and enJOY the natural essential oils that radiate throughout the home, and/or 2) erotic—scoop out some of the cocobut, shea butter, essential oil mixture and rub it into you and/or your partner's skin. Feel the moisturizing effects and smell great doing it. Caution: Can lead to sensual and erotic behaviour. Also don't pour the hot melted oil
mixture directly on the skin. Either scoop out the oils before or after putting the candle out. Finally, throw those petroleum-based paraffin candle out of the house. enJOY!

Natural Shaving Soaps

Be prepared for one great shave. Wet your shaving brush with hot water. Don't shake the water out! Just swirl the wet brush on top of the soap many times to create a nice sudsy lather. Brush onto face, legs, underarms, chest, even down there, yeah really, and shave away any unwanted hair. The rich blend of coconut, shea butter and aloe vera essential oils make for one healthy, skin enriching and ultra-moisturizing shave.

Now you can rub against your partner ever so smoothly. enJOY!

Natural Bubble Baths

For best results, squirt in an ounce or two directly under the running water. This will create the best sudsing effect. GNe in, splash around (to make more bubbles) and hopefully you'll be sharing the fun. These bubbles are NOT toxic baby, but sweeet, sugar-based, sulfate free with pure essential oils.

Sounds like a bath to splash any trouble away. enJOY!

Shea Butter -- My Salvation

Pure raw wild-crafted African shea butter whipped with sweet almond oil and a tinge of essential oil. This is as rich as it gets. Great to rub in just about any part of the body to moisturize, reduce lines and bring back some of that youth that we, well most of us all, are so desperate to have. Great on stretch marks for you pregnant women, and others that simply..stretch. Just put a small amount in the palms of your hands, rub them together fast and hard to heat and melt the butter, then rub it in daily.

Watch the lines fade away! You're back in babyland, baby. enJOY!

Shea Natural Lip Balms

Pure raw wild-crafted African shea butter and beeswax with jojoba, coconut, carrot, and essential oils. You all know how to put on lip balm. So just do it, smack and wait for a liplock.

All forms of kissing encouraged. enJOY!



















Love and Be Loved... ONE LOVE

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