Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest little off-Broadway extravaganza-- the 6th run of the Soaptopia Build-a-Bar Soap Contest! 

We auditioned more than 200 ideas submitted by soap lovers across the globe!!! We took 14 finalists to the test kitchen and ended up

The winning soap inventors get a one-year soap-of-the-month subscription! Plus fame and glory!  See below for more details and rules. 

Here they are! (Try the soaps here!!!)

Kawaii Kyoto by Akiko in Japan
Theme song: "I Want Candy"
Sweet Orange, Cinnamon and Vanilla

Neem-o-Politan by Wendy in Spokane, Washington
Theme song: "We all Scream for Ice Cream"
Vanilla, Bitter Almond, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, and Neem

Boardwalk Hempire by Sarah in Arcata, California AND the Whole Body team at the Venice Beach Whole Foods Market
Theme Song: "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
A wood patchouli blend with ruby red grapefruit, lemon & hemp oil

Mermaid My Day by Dianna in Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Theme song: “Part of Your World"
Lavender, Vanilla, Geranium & Sandalwood

Milky Way DNA by Mikio in Torrance, California
Theme song: "Man on the Moon"
Lavender, Geranium, Rosewood & Mica

Beta Carrot Clean by Mona in Houston TX (a previous champ!)
Theme song: "Porcupine Eating A Carrot"
Yuzu, Orange, Lemon & Beta Carotene

Strip Tea-s by Bea Eldon of Exeter New Hampshire (a previous champ!)
Theme song: “Pour Some Sugar on Me"
Jasmine, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Blue Tansy, Patchouli & Rose

Sunshine Salty Dawg by Daniella in Colorado Springs, Colorado AND Chie in Japan
Theme Song “Feelin’ Groovy”
Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Sandalwoods, Lemon Verbena

Cat-a-Tonic by Nan in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Theme song: Stray Cat Strut
Lavender, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, Charcoal & Litsea

Runners Up
We loved these ideas but they just didn't work out...

Wickedly Good by Debbi in San Mateo, California
Theme song: "Defying Gravity"

Soak, I am Your Lather by Patricia of Sacramento, California
Theme song: Star Wars theme

MUMbai’s the Word by Jean in Mar Vista, California 
Theme song: "Mum's the Word"

The Garden State by Lisa in Asbury Park, New Jersey
Theme song: The soundtrack from Garden State?

Baby Got Bath by Gregory in Oakland, CA
Theme Song: Baby Got Back

Thanks everyone for entering! Try again next year!!! <3 <3 <3 

Soaptopia Anything Goes Soap Contest Rules

  1. No purchase necessary. 
  2. Enter between February 25 and March 31, 2015. 
  3. Enter as many times as you like.
  4. We need your phone number, in case we need to call and work out some deatils for your soap.
  5. Finalists will be announced April 7 and winners will be announced April 22, 2015.
  6. Enter your soap idea online at http://soaptopia.com/soap_contest or you may mail a written entry to 2228 1/2 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista, CA  90066 which must be received by March 31 2015.
  7. At least 5 winners will be chosen and each winner will receive a sample of each winning soap and a year-long soap-of-the-month subscription. The prizes will have a combined value of at least $130 for each winner. 
  8. The number of eligible entries determines the odds of winning.
  9. By submitting your idea, you give permission to Soaptopia, Inc. to use the idea to create and sell products. If the idea is really good, we’ll keep making and selling it. For a long time.
  10. Soaptopia may enhance, alter, mangle, or in any other way change any part of the submissions. We might even combine ideas with other submissions. Things can get pretty crazy in the soap kitchen! If any part of your idea is used in a winning soap, you will be a winner. We won't offer prizes for coincidental similarities to winning submissions. 
  11. By submitting your idea you are also allowing Soaptopia to tell the world about your entry using your first name and state.
  12. Void where prohibited by law. 

Love and Be Loved... ONE LOVE

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